Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slight miscalculation

We replaced our old rather worn artificial Christmas tree with a very nice, seven and a half foot prelit tree.
It went together in record time, since Steve didn't have to spend 2 hours painstakingly stringing the lights. It looked so beautiful, even before the ornaments were hung. The girls and I had a great time getting the ornaments out and reading the boxes to find out who each one was from and when it was received.
Each ornament is really a tiny little present with memories attached. I adore the little glittery creations from when the girls were back in preschool.
Everyone has there own favorite. There were a few ornaments that had to be repaired with a little glue, but eventually we got all the ornaments placed.
Steve was called in to put the angel topper on the tree. And this is where the miscalculation came in.
Our beautiful, fiber-optic, animated Angel couldn't fit on the top of the new tree. Steve even tried folding over the tallest part of the tree trying to make it work, but it was no use.
We had to go out and get a new topper for the tree. We ended up choosing a silver, glittery star.
At least our Angel got to have a place of honor on the mantel, even though I know she really wanted to be on the top of our tree.


Charlene said...

I love looking at the way families decorate their Christmas trees! All unique and special in their own way!
Love the blog background too!!

Heather said...

Your tree is beautiful and I am sure that your angel is happy watching over the tree and being so close by. I love the ribbon winding around your tree. We too love looking and talking about each ornament. Good times.

Lori said...

Jim has been getting an ornament from his God-Parents every year since 1968! We started that tradition with our kids too. I love looking at them all every year and our favorites change as new ones are added. I love your tree!!