Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie flops

Have you ever heard of Jelly Belly's? My folks visited the manufacturing facility in Fairview, CA and they bought a huge bag of "belly Flops" which were Jelly Belly rejects. You know... the kind that didn't turn out perfectly - didn't have the right shape.

Well, that is what I made this morning, only they were flops... cookie flops. It all started with this thought, "How can I turn our favorite cookie {which is chocolate-chip} into a Christmas cookie?" (picture me tapping on my chin... think... think... think). Then a light bulb-moment, "I'll make chocolate-chip MINT cookies! "

The plan was set into motion this morning. Angelique helped by unwrapping lots of little candy canes and putting them into a zip-lock bag and breaking them up into tiny pieces with a hammer. She had fun!

I mixed up a batch of our favorite chocolate chip cookies adding 3/4 cup of crushed candy canes and used swirled white and dark chocolate chips... boy we have Christmas going on!

They smelled great in the oven... minty and chocolately... mmmmm... That is where the fun ended. Here are a few words of wisdom I thought I would pass on.

  1. Melted candy canes are an extremely sticky substance.
  2. Chiseling cookies off your cookie sheet will wreck a majority of the cookies.
  3. The cookie sheets will never been the same again.
  4. Although, tasty, the cookies are UGLY.
  5. Never add crushed up candy canes to any cookie recipe - EVER!
Here is a big bag of cookie flops. These babies could not be salvaged.

Here are some of the cookies that could, by some miracle be removed from the cookie sheet. To answer your question...Yes, I put the very nicest looking cookies on the top.

My arms hurt from the workout of chipping melted candy cane off the cookie sheets. My frustration level is high. On the bright side, the house smells good and we have lots of cookie flops to nibble on.


Lori said...

MMMM...Cookies!!! Don't worry if they don't look pretty. They all come out the same in the end. LOL

Mom said...

Ah, the things one learns. Here's where parchment paper comes in handy. Joan uses that all the time & I never think to put it on the cookie sheets. Does make life easier..............
So, what's next????????????

Kristy said...

Wow! nice idea tho! Reminds me of the time I thought it'd be a good idea to add caramel chips to choc. chip cookies! Results - basically the same as yours. Melted & stuck to the pan. Tasty but not salvageable enough to put in the cookie jar!

MB said...

Nae said...

Thanks for all the tips and advise. I am kind of a stupid, dummy-head. I don't even have parchment paper!

the mom~ said...

LOL, I loved this post. Those cookies sre do look good though!

Heather said...

In my opinion the only true flops are the ones that are inedible. If they tasted yummy and didn't go straight into the trash can then they are certainly not flops in my book. I enjoyed your post though and the sharing of your "learn" today.

Charlene said...

I agree with Heather, if it's edible it's still a good cookie!! You would never hear complaints from my family about sweets!! They love them in all shapes and sizes!!