Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is all fun and games!

Charlene hosted a super fun Halloween party for the kids yesterday afternoon. Charlene must have cast a very good "spell" because the weather was gorgeous and the activities could be outside. The trauma of the early winter snowstorm on Sunday is thankfully a distant memory!

Abby went as a Rock Star and Kippy was a Witch. The kids really got into playing the games. Charlene, where did you come up with all the fun games?? They moved quickly from one activity to the next which kept them all engaged.

First, there was the donut eating contest. Have you even tried eating a donut dangling from a string without your hands? OMG, it was so funny!
My girls lacked the speed necessary to win, but had a great time trying to get the donut to cooperate!
Next, came the two teams competing in the Hula Hoop toss. They got points when their hoop completely circled the stuffed pumpkins. It was so close, there was a sudden-death-toss-off to determine the winning team! Look at the concentration on their faces!
Kippy threw a ringer!

The third game was Musical Brooms. The circle of kids had to keep two different brooms in rotation and whoever was holding the broom when the music stopped was out.
Abby was one of the last two kids, but ended up holding the broom in the end.
The fun and games were finished off with Bobbing for Apples - relay style and a round of Ghost Tag.
Say it don't spray it, Abby!
Success is so sweet!
Then it was Kippy's turn to dive...

Have a rockin' good Halloween, full of wonderful sweets and treats to eat!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you a 'Yes Momma' or a 'No Momma'?

Ever have those days when you are just in a "Yes" mood? No matter what your kids ask (within reason), you say "yes"? Sometimes I'm in a "Yes" mood because I am feeling very generous and positive and other times, it is simply because I have been worn down and saying "Yes" is easier than saying "No". A few years ago, while the girls and I were shopping in Target, I must have said "Yes" to the girls more often than normal because Abby said, "Momma (for some reason my girls call me that), you are really in a Yes-mood today." She was right, I had agreed to more of their requests than usual. Both Abby and Kippy agreed, they liked the "Yes Momma". Ever since then, we have always labeled "Yes" moods or "No" moods depending on if they are getting their way or not.

One evening a couple of months ago, Kippy was not getting her way and she was VERY unhappy about it. In fact, she had a major temper-tantrum and had to go to her room. I actually can't remember what she was originally mad about, but it had certainly escalated until she was out of control, screaming and stomping. Eventually things mellowed out and we went about our evening. Later, when I was going to bed, I found this on my dresser and it made me bust out laughing.

She had created this small double-sided drawing with a tab labeled on the top which clearly showed one angry "No" momma. It included directions to flip it over. On the other-side, was this image, again with a tab at the top labeled "Yes".

Kippy's message was clear. She was hoping to control her world with a quick flip of the tab. I am sure it is every child's fantasy to make life this simple and determine the answer they get by holding up a "Yes" or "No" card! Are you in a "Yes" mood or a "No" mood today?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Un-scary scarecrows

A 1/2 of a block from our house is the Veteran's home and they have an annual scarecrow contest which lines their driveway. The girls and I love to go over and pick our favorite scarecrows before the official judging contest is held. The creativity every year is amazing and we weren't disappointed! I didn't have my "good" digital camera with, so the pics aren't the best, but we still had a great time choosing our favs!
The sock monkey scarecrow is adorable! The heart on his chest says, "I love Veteran's". This one won the "Cutest Scarecrow" award from us.
"Working 9 to 5" won most creative award from us. Abby loved typing on the laptop and helping answer her phone.
Kippy was having an electrifying experience with this fun electrician scarecrow. We give this one "Most Original".This one won "Grand Champion" in our eyes. I loved the sign, "Life is good, Do what you like and like what you do". What a great motto to live by! We couldn't resist trying to copy this fun lovin' scarecrow. How did we do?
Yes, that is me. I'm so talented with headstands! Ha!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Remembering Ruth...

Today would be Grandma Ruth's 96th birthday and I have been remembering lots of wonderful moments with both of my grandparents. In 1932, Grandma attended nursing school at the University of Minnesota and also at Wrights Memorial in Fergus Falls, MN, where I now live. She was a hottie, wasn't she?
This is my Grandparents wedding photo on June 15, 1934. They had secretly eloped and were married for a year before they told their families and could actually live together. They had a wonderful 66 years together. I was always fascinated by the unique start of their relationship and the adversity they faced with their parents not approving. Grandpa had even proposed 3 times before Grandma accepted! I feel so privileged to have grown up on the same farm with them and having been a witness to their love.
I have had 39 years with Grandma in my life and for that I am eternally grateful. Each day since we celebrated Grandma's Life on July 29th, I have worn Grandma's wedding ring. I love looking down at my hand and seeing a daily reminder of her presence in my life.
I am also thankful that both of my daughters knew their great-grandma and have their own memories. I think, tonight, I will snuggle into one of the afghans crocheted by Grandma and remember her. Happy birthday, Grandma. I miss you.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hanging out in Hill City, SD

Since it was MEA last week and there was no school on Thurday and Friday, we went on a mini-vacation. Actually, the whole idea was hatched by my brilliant friend Kathy as a way to get together to celebrate my big 4-0 b'day. We found this awesome rental house in Hill City, SD and booked it for the weekend.
We sweetened the trip even more by stopping in Sioux Falls and spending a day with my college girlfriend, Gina and her three kids. I hadn't seen Gina-beana in over a year. Too long!
On the way to Hill City, we stopped at Wall Drug. We were in this area two years ago and hadn't stopped with the girls before. It is a must-see at least once in your life. I think Steve enjoyed the scenery!
We met up with the Bytnar family (Steve, Kathy, Drake & Darian) at The Cosmos Mystery Area.
I highly recommend this. It was like participating in a science experiment! Each one of us were selected at different times during the demonstration. Here is Darian trying like crazy to get that darn tennis ball to roll away from her, but it wouldn't!
We were so happy with the rental house. It was fully stocked with everything we needed. Both the kids and the adults especially enjoyed the use of the hot tub.
We introduced the Bytnar family to one of our favorite outdoor activities... geocaching. It gave us a chance to explore the beauty of Custer State park. We went 5 for 5 with our caching too!

Can you believe Abby found enough snow to make a snow ball?
Here is team Bytnar & Lindgren with one of the caches we found after hiking way further than we should have. Lesson learned... turn your GPS on and leave it on, so when you drive by a cache, you can stop and not walk 2 miles to get to it.

We saw lots of fun things and had so many laughs and even added a few new phrases to our vocabulary with brand new meaning... "Get out of your strawberry jelly." "More red wine!" Best of all is having spending time with special friends!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!!

Happy birthday to You!
Happy birthday to You!
Happy birthday, Dear Halloween Heather...
Happy birthday to You!

You are the most creative friend I have! I love your spirit, your laugh, your cooking, your photography, your honesty, your style, your enthusiasm, your sense of humor and so much more! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is forty the new thirty?

I am going to answer YES! I don't feel forty, but alas everyone keeps reminding me that I am. Isn't it interesting that when I was in high school and my parents turned 40, I thought, "Wow, 40 is so old!" Guess what? I'm not thinking that anymore!!
Look at what greeted me when I entered my office Wednesday morning...
I laughed so hard hearing about the sneaky, night-time mission to decorate my office window. Salena is a ninja in training.... just ask Heather! It was a very fun to see this colorful mask smiling at me all day... I believe he has a surprised look on his face 'cause he is thinking, "Forty? Wow - she doesn't look a day over 39!"
A huge thank you to everyone who helped put the fun in turning forty!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The best Columbus Day ever!

It didn't think about Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492 one single time yesterday, but I still had the best Columbus Day ever! The kids had a regular school day... Fergus Falls school district does not observe Columbus Day. Steve had a regular work day... MSCTC doesn't observe Columbus Day either. Lucky me... banks observe Columbus day, so I had the day off! I don't think there has ever been a holiday where I was the only one in my family who had the day off. And I made the most of my "free day"! Here is what I did...
  • I skipped my 6:00 AM Body Blast class at the Y, so that I could sleep in until 7:30 AM.
  • I visited with the girls while they ate breakfast.
  • I went for a 4 mile run and enjoyed all the fall foliage.
  • I drove to Perham with Lori and we went to Sorella's spa, where I splurged with a facial and Lori enjoyed a pedicure.
  • We browsed through an amazing quilt shop.
  • We enjoyed a leisurely lunch at the Gathering Grounds... grilled ham & cheese with mushrooms and asparagus on corbetta bread with honey mustard dipping sauce... in a word... DELICIOUS!
  • I made it home in time to meet the girls getting off the bus.
  • I relaxed and watched Oprah while the girls did their homework.
  • Steve made a wonderful supper of grilled montecristo sandwiches with homemade strawberry dipping sauce.
  • OK - one not fun thing was the flu shots that we got after supper, but everything before that made it the Best Columbus Day ever!
What did you do for Columbus day?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brick oven Zzah

My cousin Brett made his famous "Zzah" (aka pizza) for us in a brick oven on Friday night. Everything from the crust to the sauce is made from scratch and it is amazing! And to make it even more delicious, he cooked it in a brick oven for the first time.

Brett is the chef wearing the bib-overalls; my dad is in in bright orange, my mom in light orange, Angelique is in green and Steve has his arms folded behind him.
The brick oven Brett used is at the "Vine House", which is the rental property that was purchased last month by 2X4 Property Management LLC. 2x4 Property Management is a joint venture between my parents (2 Sell's ) and us (4 Lindgren's). Brett came earlier this week to do some finish carpentry and was mesmerized by the brick oven on the patio. So, despite the rain, Brett hatched a plan with my parents and came to Fergus Falls on Friday to do some more work on the "Vine House". Brett fired up the oven around 3:00 PM in the afternoon and by 6:00 PM, we were eating his famous "Zzah". OMG, it was good! The brickoven does something totally amazing to the crust. There were only 6 of us and we ate almost 4 pizzas! Talk about full tummies. Thank you, Brett!!