Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A memorable Memorial weekend

 It was worth all the planning to be able to get together again with the Bytnar & Landmark families at Lake Hendricks. In typical Memorial weekend fashion, the weather sometimes was fabulous and sometimes not so much.  However, the 6 adults along with our 6 children, made the most of the precious time we had together.

Of course, the primary focus for Sherri, Kathy and me was to catch up on our napkin lists.  Our napkin lists are vitally important because the lists allow us to really listen to each other without forgetting to share our "need to know" information.  I think the napkin lists are how we stay close together even though we live far apart!

  We are doubly blessed in that our husbands work pretty hard to make sure we get the girlfriend time we
need.  Much of the meal prep and kid entertainment can be credited to them!

One of my favorite moments was when Ryan came into the house after fishing most of the day and exclaimed with wonder, "You guys are STILL talking!?!"

Yup, that is how we roll, a gab-fest, 24/7!!

Lake fun was had by the kids and the men.  Two boats were going and 9 lines were constantly being monitored.  I believe the competition was on, but I have to be honest and admit, I didn't pay much attention to the details.  I just looked at the smiling faces and constant chatter and teasing going on and knew everyone was living the moment.
 There was one competition that I did pay attention to and that was the Scavenger Hunt that the kids teamed up on.  Abby & Rachel surprised everyone with their first place finish.  The surprise is that they happen to be the slowest of the 6, yet pulled off the WIN.  Kippy and Drake came in 2nd with Darian and Ryan a close third.  It was fun that the kids all kept their sense of adventure and really got into it.

 And to continue tradition, we had a photo shoot of the RAD pack (Rachel, Ryan, Abby, Angelique, Drake & Darian).  Love those kids to pieces!
And when the girls got tired of fishing, we all got busy crafting.  Several types of fabric flowers were creatively made along with some necklaces.  Pssst... I think the guys were secretly wanting to join in with us!

Thanks so much for the fun at your Lake, Tom, Sherri, Rachel & Ryan!

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 14, 2012

A 15th birthday recap

and what does this 15 year old girl like to do more than anything else in the world?  You guessed it... she is a shopper!  Since her b'day fell on Mother's day this year, Abby celebrated a day early and took one of her best gal pals to Fargo with her for a day of shoppin' fun.  These two are a riot to listen to and I could just squeeze them up!

Abby and I went to the RTC to do a little birthday photoshoot.  I feel so happy inside just looking at these pics.  My girl has a contagious smile for sure.

On Abby's actual birthday (May 13th), we went to Oakes so I could be with my momma on Mother's day.  Abby loved the Hello Kitty cake made by Aunt Claire and enjoyed opening her birthday gifts which included a ukulele, a Betsey Johnson bag, sketch pad & gift cards.  What a lucky girl!  Love you so much, my Abby girl!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Honoring Thy Mothers

It is such a privilege and blessing to have these two beautiful girls as my daughters.  My love for them is boundless. And to think that they honor me on Mother's day?  Most of the credit for the mother I am goes to my self-less, beautiful, generous, faith-filled, loving mom, Rose Marie.
I hope my girls always know how lucky they are to have Grandma Rose in their lives to love, guide, nurture and support them.
Just as I am forever grateful to have had the guidance, love and support of my Grandma Ruth (my dad's mom) throughout my childhood until I was nearly 40 years old.

As well as my courageous, sweet, loving Grandma Nita (my mom's mom) who also mentored me throughout my childhood until I was 30 years old.  Both of my Grandmas were actively involved in my life and influenced me immeasurably.  It is a joy to have all those memories and experiences and most of all to thank them on this Mother's day for helping me become the mom I am.

 Steve took us out to the Oakes cemetery were we shared stories of Grandma Nita with Abby & Angelique.  Although it may seem unusual, it was the perfect place to take my mom.  A wonderful peace came over us both as we remembered and honored Grandma Nita.

And back home in my own flowerbed, the gift of my Grandma Ruth's iris were blooming and reminding me of the legacy of her love and beauty. 

I also thought of all the other women in my life who lift me up and hope you all felt my gratitude.  It was an amazing and very happy Mother's day.

The girl who first called me momma

was born 15 years ago today.  Little Miss Abbigail Rose Lindgren arrived 4 weeks early after 17 hours of labor weighing in at 6 lbs 1 oz.  Abby literally made me a mom so it is very appropriate that I get to celebrate Mother's Day and Abby's birthday together.

Our beautiful, sometimes sarcastic, tender hearted, funny, music lovin', opinionated, blue-eyed daughter.
 May you continue to defend what you believe in...

 nurture your creative and artistic abilities...

 laugh and bring joy to those around you!
  We wish you a fabulous 15th birthday!

Friday, May 11, 2012

This moment in time

 is simply breathtaking.  The renewal & beauty of spring makes that long, cold, sunless, gloomy winter worth it.  In fact, it completely fads from memory... MINNESOTA rocks (but let's keep that a secret cause I don't want to ruin my commute).

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discovery on the deck

 Kippy found this little toad sitting on the edge of the deck.  At first she thought it was dead, but after carefully watching it, she could see it was breathing.
 It really looked like a rock.  In fact we put a rock right beside him and it didn't move.  Toad imitating rock?

Or rock imitating toad?

P.S.  Sorry to freak you out, Lori.  I know you don't like reptiles, but he really is kinda cute, don't ya think?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mafia Party

Steve and I channeled our inner "gangsta" to attend the End of Spring semester "Goodfellas" gathering hosted by Marcia Williams.  It was a great time complete with two Mafia themed trivia contests.
I thought Steve looked the part of a "goodfella". The inspiration for my "Gangsta" look was Carmella Soprano from the HBO "Soprano" series. Probably more of a miss than a hit, but thanks to borrowing a fedora from my niece, Miranda, I was in the ballpark.