Friday, December 18, 2009

Just because

I have received flowers before, but it seems like they have all been for an occasion... anniversaries, birthdays, get well wishes, congratulations... those kind of things. I don't remember any flowers that were just because. At least not in recent memory.
So, that makes these flowers from my mom special. The fragrant evergreen offsets the beautiful white roses so nicely.
And another thing making them special is the container. The glittery reindeer container was from a flower arrangement that my grandma Ruth had received in 2002 from my niece, Makenzie and my nephew, Kaleb. Now, that makes these flowers extra special.

Thank you, mom!


the mom~ said...

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful woman for another beautiful woman :)

Lori said...

Ya just gotta love Mom's. Yours is as fabulous as you are!!

Heather said...

How awesome...just because flowers are my very favorite. It means that someone bought them for you because they really wanted to and not because they felt it was expected. Your flowers and your mom are very special!

Mom said...

Ya know how sometimes, giving is better than receiving? This was one of them :o)