Friday, November 27, 2009

My hyper-sensitive girl.

My first born was complaining to me again about the supposedly hideous picture that I had of her on my blog. She was upset that "the whole" world could see this picture and she how she hated the picture. I told her that she completely overestimates the interest "the whole" world actually has in my blog.
This was the photo she complained repeatedly about. I took this picture just three days before her 12th birthday in May. I think it is adorable, but I am just the big-loser-mom, so what do I know? She eventually wore me down, so I told her last Saturday I would take a new picture. She quickly scampered to her room and changed into a different outfit, while I scratched my head and tried to figure out how I could be so manipulated by her.

We ended up having a good time taking the pictures and here are a few of my favorites.
The end result is that she is now happy with the updated "Totally Tween" picture on my blog {happy being completely relative and rather fleeting for her}.


the mom~ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one in B&W!!! She is beautiful!

Heather said... favorite is the black and white one as well and I love the new pic on your sidebar as well. I too am trying to adjust myself to the power and influence that my tween (SOON to be teen) is trying to wield.

Lori said...

HA! Jo tells me all the time which photos I can use on my blog. So funny!! I love the new ones. Such a beauty. Steve better start loading the shot gun!! The boys will be lined up at the door....

Kathy said...

I showed Drake the pictures and he said "I like Renae...totally tween"

I LOVE the black and white!!