Monday, December 21, 2009

Blue puppy love

Poor Miss Bella took a backseat to Miss Sarah's three adorable blue heeler puppies at Dano and MB's on Saturday. Luckily they couldn't be taken from Sarah yet or we may have had another puppy in our house. I dare you not to fall in love with these puppies!
This adorable litter each look unique and have different personalities.
Tank is the largest and most vocal of the bunch and is the only male. He also has the softest fur out of the three.
Belle is the smallest with a splash of white on the top of her head - maybe it is a crown? Her eyes.... are they the saddest and cutest all at the same time or what?
Selah is the middle child with the most black on her face and so very calm. My heart does flip-flops for her.
We loved up on these 1 month old puppies as much as we could. Kippy spent the most time of all with them and barely left the barn during our whole stay.

Kippy lovin' on Tank.

Tank's spotted little nose is almost more than I can take!


the mom~ said...

OMGoodness...stinkin' adorable!!!

Lori said...

Oh...that Sela....I think I'm in love!! I LOVE the brown eyebrows...what a doll!!

Mom said...

OMG!! Too adorable! I swear, all puppies are cute but these are exceptional!

Heather said...

Oh, these guys (and gal) are just so very sweet! We brought home a doggy of our own today!!! Come by sometime and meet Noah.