Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 11th birthday, Dear Angelique!

In honor of Kippy's 11th birthday, here are 11 fun facts about Angelique Grace Lindgren:
 11.  Kippy is always willing to try new things and has no fear.  She is all about adventure & action.
10.  Kippy is active; in fact she can hardly sit still.  She loves playing soccer, swim team,  being in dance & anything outdoors.  In the summer, her hair gets bleached blond by the sun and her skin turns golden brown.
  9.  Kippy has a beautiful smile in part thanks to braces when she was 9 years old, as well as upper and lower expanders.
8.  Kippy is a voracious reader.  In fact, last year as a 4th grader, she had the 2nd highest number of AR reading points in the entire OLV school.
7.  Everyone in our family and many of her close friends, call her Kippy, although her school & soccer friends only call her Angelique.  You have to be part of her inner circle before she will let you call her "Kippy".
6. Angelique was born 4 weeks early, even though I had been on bed rest for 6 weeks.  She had dark black hair and everyone said she looked just like her daddy.
5.  Kippy broke her first bone in her foot when she was 18 months old and had her first stitches when she was 5 years old.
4.  Kippy is adventurous with her food too.  She loves shrimp, tomatoes, sushi, mushrooms & asparagus.
3.  Kippy has a deep love for all animals, especially marine animals.  She still says she wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up.
2.  Kippy trained our dog Bella several tricks including to roll over, wait, stay, & dance.  She entered Bella in a local dog show and earned 7th place in 2011.
 1.  Kippy donated her hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths when she was 9. Kippy is generous, loving, sensitive, caring and beautiful inside and out.  She is a blessing!

Happy birthday, to our one-of-a-kind, dear Kippy!


Lori said...

She is such a beautiful tween. She is smart and sweet. She is exactly the kind of girl I imagine you'd raise :)

the mom~ said...

I love seeing her grow through the pictures! She is a beautiful young lady! Happy birthday Kippy!
(I'm not sure my boys even know what her real name is, lol)