Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The start of a new school year

And I love how quickly both the girls get ready on the first morning of school... the rest of the mornings of the school year... NOT.SO.MUCH!
The air was cool and crisp, feeling definitely like Fall.
Abby is officially a high schooler at Kennedy Secondary school. Open house was last week, so the locker thing and class locations were all figured out. All that was left was the bright, fun outfit to wear. Abby nailed it!

Kippy thought it was chilly standing outside to take pictures, but that didn't stop her from wearing flip-flops on her first day of 5th grade at OLV. She dressed up her school bag with all the keychain fobs she had collected over the summer, including a special Seattle Space Needle keychain from her big sister.

Steve is able to take the girls to school before he goes to work, so my tradition has been to take pics of them getting off the bus on their first day. Bella was waiting and waiting for the girls, unfortunately, the new bus driver wasn't used to stopping at our house and drove right on past.
The girls walked an extra half of a block and Miss Bella was so terribly excited to see them.

They both reported great first days, with no issues. Can't ask for more than that! Wishing a successful year of school for you both, Abby & Kippy!!


Kathy said...

Abby has some pretty fun shoes. How were her feet when she got home? They look tall. She doesn't get her shoe love from her Mom....although you have come a long ways my friend :)

Lori said...

YAY!! I am so glad they both had successful first days. What a relief. Bella looks a little excited...that dog is great!!

the mom~ said...

Awesome! I hope they both have great school years!