Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A wonderful wedding!

We are so blessed to have been able to celebrate the marriage of Tom & Gina on September 4th in Sioux Falls. Gina - beana - ballerina, is such a very dear friend to both Steve & I. Gina has been a part of our lives since 1988. A fun fact is Steve & I became friends with Gina independently since she was a double Finance and Sociology major at Northern State University, Gina had classes with Steve and with me. We have both loved her forever, it seems. We have shared so many of life's milestones together including college graduation, career choices, marriage, purchase of first homes, birth of our children, birthdays, vacations as well sorrows and loss.
We were able to meet the man of Gina's dreams, Tom Jacobs, over the weekend and witness their commitment to one another. Tom & Gina have a combined family which includes 5 children, Jessica, Josie, William, Samuel & Lydia. Their wedding was absolutely perfect & so wonderful! Just looking at the few pictures I had taken makes me weep all over again. {Sigh} weddings bring out the happy tears for me and probably all ceremonies for that matter.
Three beauties... Josie (13), Abby (14) and Jessica (13). Our combined first born daughters are only 6 months apart in age.
Gina and I have always been told we look like sisters and I can say that our girls look like they are related. It must be because we are sisters-at-heart for sure.
Abby & I spent some time at the Empire Mall getting fancy hair before the wedding.
Can't say that we were totally in love with the results, but at least it saved us from having to do our own hair.
Our color-coordinated family had very tired feet by the end of the night since we didn't sit out on very many dances. It was an evening filled with laughter, love and memories. Congratulations, Gina and Tom!!


Lori said...

You guys look terrific!! I love weddings!! This one looked fantastic!

the mom~ said...

Congrats to Gina, what a wonderful thing! Your family looks great in green and I love Abby's hair, very funky and cute!