Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creativity Abby-style

Earlier this summer, Abby told me she wanted to create some artwork for her bedroom.  She said she wanted to do bright color splashes with some of her favorite quotes. After talking it through, we decided to get some canvases and let her do her thing.

Together, we found a large 16 X 20 inch and two smaller 8 X 20 inch canvases at Hobby Lobby, which were all 30% off.  (I love me a bargain).  We also picked up a set of neon poster paint for $4.00.

I never took any in progress pictures, but Abby first used a roller to coat the canvases with black paint left over from painting her dresser.  It took two coats to get a good base coverage.  Then she experimented with splattering the neon paint all around.  Some of the blobs were really big and some were small.  Even though drop clothes were used out in the garage, there were a few stray flecks of paints on some of the walls and on the work bench.  It took a solid 24 hours for the paint blotches to dry.  
Once the background of the canvas was completely dry, Abby stamped some quotes and words that were significant to her onto the surface using white acrylic paint & my Making Memory foam stamps.

The resulting artwork is fun, bright and inspirational to Abby.
And so totally her.  Two of her bedroom walls have the painted canvases decorating them.

I hope Abby continues to surround herself with images and phrases that keep her positive and moving forward in life, because sometimes we do fall, but what is important is the lessons those falls teach.

IMAGINE, BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE, my dear daughter!

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Lori said...

Great project for Abby!! I have found that doing that for myself has helped me remember to get up when I'm feeling knocked down. I think taking ownership of your space helps make it feel safer too. They turned out marvelous!!