Thursday, September 15, 2011

Experiencing Sioux Falls

Labor day weekend, our family went to Sioux Falls to celebrate Gina & Tom's wedding. While we were there, we had some time to have some fun ~ Lindgren-style. After breakfast, I took the family to see Falls Park, which I had only recently discovered this past summer with my BFF's.
We did a ton of walking and went up into the tower which had a great view of Falls Park as well as the downtown buildings. It was a surprising cool morning (only 65 degrees) and fairly breezy, but once in the sun, it felt perfect.
As we explored, I was clicking away on my Nikon, trying to capture the beauty.
We walked from the Falls Park to DTSF (Downtown Sioux Falls) to see the sites and to take in the Sculpture Walk. I'll have to say, we had a ton of laughs as we worked on posing in imitation of the bronze sculptures.
Some of our imitations, were pretty spot on, if you ask me! Steve about killed me with his pose of a pregnant woman & a man in pain. Kippy's raccoon impersonation & bad-hair donkey face make me laugh out loud. I love Abby's stop-action shots with both Kippy & her dad.

I was surprised to find that my ipod case looked just like the Pagan Apples sculpture. Who knew?
There was a lot of beautiful sculptures and each of us had several favorites. It was like being at an art museum, only better because we were outside & weren't being judged for our crazy antics.
Of course, I think pictures of my Abby girl....
and Kippy-girl are the most precious of all.
We ended our exploration with a wonderful lunch at Phillips Avenue Diner, which also happened to be the first solid food Abby had been able to eat since getting her upper braces on two days earlier. Good times!

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