Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recap of Angelique's 11th birthday

 Kippy had a number of gatherings to celebrate her 11th birthday.   We started out her birthday morning on Wednesday, September 28th with our traditional off-key singing of Happy Birthday to wake her up.  That was followed by breakfast at Perkin's before school.  It was a bit early (7:15 am), but worked out the best so all 4 of us could be together since that evening Abby had other activities.  We had a huge breakfast and opened gifts, which included a couple of pillow pets, a Harry Potter book & a mood bracelet.  Abby had time to get to pep band practice, which started at 8:30 AM and Steve got to class on time.

I had taken the day off of work since Kippy had a 2 hour late start at school.  We had time to get treats for her school classmates (ice cream bars from DairyLand - YUM!). I had time to pick Kippy up from school and thanks to the beautiful Fall weather, we got a nice afternoon walk in with Miss Bella.
 Her birthday was completed with a special treat - time with her BFF, Madi.  These two are just the best of friends and I absolutely love the energy that surrounds them when they are together.
 The girls picked deluxe treats at Dairy Queen and gorged themselves.
 After getting all sugared up, they ran off their energy at Grotto Park.  The poor Otter statue had his little nose stuffed with leaves as these two scampered around - coming up with crazy ways to entertain themselves.
We waited to have birthday cake until we got to the farm on Saturday, October 1st.  Aunt Claire decorated a scrumptious red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and beautiful marine animals (Kippy's favorite).

 It was a busy field day at the farm, but cousins Makenzie (18) and Logan (9) along with Abby were able to join in on signing and blowing candles out before we headed to Potters Way to pick pumpkins.
On Sunday morning, I took pictures of Angelique next to her 11 year old tree at the farm.
 It was a great time honoring our beautiful daughter  {Kipper-doodle, Kippy Grace, Angelique} on her 11th birthday!

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Kathy said...

Wow, the girls look like you in that one picture of the three of you. She is such an Angel. So beautiful and so full of life. You are very blessed.