Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mardi Gras at OLV

The highlight of Catholic School's week at OLV School was the Mardi Gras carnival. Dressing-up, playing kids games, prize drawings, yummy food, and BINGO... all combine for a great day of family fun.
Kippy wore her mask for most of the day. She won two raffles and was excited about her Webkinz Hippo and LPS set.
We played several rounds of BINGO, but no winners at our table. Here is Luke concentrating on his card.
My little-almost-three-year-old friend Anna and I were dressed up as well. Check out the super cute butterfly on her cheek. It goes so well with her sparkly blond hair extensions.

I manned the "treat walk" game for 1 1/2 hours (which is why I dressed up). It is sometimes called the "cake walk", but in this case, there were lots of different kinds of treats to choose from for prizes. In fact, there were 4 tables full of goodies!!

Round and round they walked as the music played....

with a total of 12 different numbers to land on.

When the music stopped, one number was drawn and the lucky winner headed to the treat table to make their selection.
Unfortunately, Kippy & Steve came home today with TOO.MANY.TREATS including Lemon cake, Seven-Layer bars, and Triple-Chocolate Fudge bars. Needless to say, Steve is taking a bunch of them to work tomorrow because I can't have that much temptation in the house!!


the mom~ said...

Looks like a great celebration!

Heather said...

Nae, your photos are fantastic! Sounds like a WONDERFUL way to end a fun week for the OLV kids. I love your bright smile in the pic of you and Anna.

Lori said...

What a fun party!! You look AWESOME!!