Sunday, January 10, 2010

Auld Lang Syne

auld lang syne Pronunciation: \ˌōl(d)-ˌ(l)aŋ-ˈzīn, ˌl(d)-\
Function: noun
Etymology: Scots, literally, old long ago
Date: 1692
: the good old times

And boy did we have good old times playing Left Center Right on New Year's Eve with Russ, Kristy, Bob & Judy, in Esko while the 4 kids played games and watched movies! It was the first time Steve and I had played LCR and since we were playing for CASH$$ and not chips... the stakes were HIGH. Ok, not really high, because we were playing for quarters, but it was pretty competitive nonetheless.
Kristy and Judy were the lucky ladies in the dice game. I ended up borrowing $ to my husband so he could stay in the game. So many laughs and such great memories.
The kids had lots of fun blowing on the horns, sounding like a flock of wild geese. We had to send them outside to whoop it up because our poor ears couldn't tolerate it any longer! Kristy decked them all out in hats and it was a festive way to ring in the New Year (and new decade.)

The kids got BB balancing games from Bob and Judy and they were excited to show off the results when they got all their BB's in the correct spots.

Kippy composed this little song on a scrap piece of paper before we got them tucked into bed at 12:30 AM...

"It's 2010 time, everybody's feeling fine. There's lots of food to eat. There's lots of friends to meet. I'm happy that I'm getting kind of fat 'cause it' 2010!!"

Here is the whole crew ringing in 2010!
Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy... love those two!
Our three macho, masculine men...

The three dice-winning ladies....
The 4 loveable Lindgren's...
The 4 spectacular Sells...

I am looking forward to what the next decade is going to bring to our family and friends.


the mom~ said...

Looks like a fun time had by Kippy's note/song!

Lori said...

The perfect way to ring in the new year! Surrounded by friends and family.