Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An egg by any other name?

Our family eats a lot of eggs. It is our go-to-meal when we are in a hurry (or haven't planned something). We like our eggs a lot of different ways. Everyone has their favorites... scrambled, omelets, hard-boiled, over-easy, fried, or poached. We can eat them for breakfast, lunch or supper. One of everyone's favorite ways to eat eggs is an Egg-in-a-Basket.
This is done by pressing the rim of a cup in the middle of a slice of lightly buttered bread to make a circle (a.k.a. the basket). After placing the basket in a hot skillet, then you crack an egg in the center to cook. Once browned, you flip the egg-in-a-basket over to cook the other side. Steve even toasts up the little circles to go with it. It is delicious!

It is also known by a lot of other names. Some examples are "Rocky Mountain toast","moon egg", "egg-in-the-hole", "One-eyed Jack", "Bird's nest", "Gas house eggs", "The Elephant Egg Bagel", "frog in a hole" or "camp eggs". Have you ever had eggs this way? If so, what do you call them?


the mom~ said...

I have never even seen this creation before, but we are going to have to try it, looks delicious!!!

Mom said...

"Eggs at the Lindgrens!"

Charlene said...

I remember when I was in 4-H not so long ago :) and I took a cooking class. One of the cooking requirements was egg-in-the-hole! I made them for my parents and thought I was the best cook around for making them!!

Lori said...

I love eggs too. So easy, fast and cheap!! My kind of food for sure!