Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahoy, me Matey!

Arrrgg! Thar be not enough loot in t' box!!

Hand o'er yer loot or I'll make ya walk t' plank unless ya want me ta run ya thru w' me sword!!!

On Saturday afternoon, we had perfect show for another snowman creation. I love diggin' into the dress up bin to see what we can find before heading out.

We had so much fun dressing up our fierce pirate, even though the huge snow ball head made it nearly impossible to get a bandanna to work properly. There was a lot of improvisation.

The treasure chest had a lot of detail, but it didn't show up well since it is all white. Bella also tried to come out and play with us, but she got overwhelmed quickly in the deep snow and had to be saved.
I antiqued out this photo to make it look more rugged. Not very fierce... how 'bout the next one?

Givin' our meanest "ARRRRGGGG" along with our one-eyed-missing-arm-with-a-hook look. Are ya frightened now??
Yo, ho, ho... its a pirate's life for me.


Lori said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....OK, so I LOVED this post. I love the rugged-ized photo. I especially love that Mr. Pirate has 2 noses. But what I really love is the comment before mine. Say what??? You have an awesome snowman crew!!

Heather said...

I echo Lori's comments exactly!!! What the heck is up with comment number 1??? Awesome snowman creation once again. These accumulated snow people photos will make an awesome mini album!!!

Nae said...

Thanks for the head's up Lori and Heather - I whacked the "creeper" comment. ;-) Or made 'em walk the plank.... aaarrrgggg!!

the mom~ said...

Oh man, I missed a creeper comment?? Bummer! Ethan LOVED your snowman creation, totally cool!!!