Sunday, October 26, 2008

Un-scary scarecrows

A 1/2 of a block from our house is the Veteran's home and they have an annual scarecrow contest which lines their driveway. The girls and I love to go over and pick our favorite scarecrows before the official judging contest is held. The creativity every year is amazing and we weren't disappointed! I didn't have my "good" digital camera with, so the pics aren't the best, but we still had a great time choosing our favs!
The sock monkey scarecrow is adorable! The heart on his chest says, "I love Veteran's". This one won the "Cutest Scarecrow" award from us.
"Working 9 to 5" won most creative award from us. Abby loved typing on the laptop and helping answer her phone.
Kippy was having an electrifying experience with this fun electrician scarecrow. We give this one "Most Original".This one won "Grand Champion" in our eyes. I loved the sign, "Life is good, Do what you like and like what you do". What a great motto to live by! We couldn't resist trying to copy this fun lovin' scarecrow. How did we do?
Yes, that is me. I'm so talented with headstands! Ha!!


Lori said...

I am SO impressed. They scarecrows are great...but that head stand...WOW!!! You rock in a million different ways.

the mom~ said...

Get out, I can't believe that you! How cool is that?!?! We'll take the boys over there on Halloween I'm sure!