Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are you a 'Yes Momma' or a 'No Momma'?

Ever have those days when you are just in a "Yes" mood? No matter what your kids ask (within reason), you say "yes"? Sometimes I'm in a "Yes" mood because I am feeling very generous and positive and other times, it is simply because I have been worn down and saying "Yes" is easier than saying "No". A few years ago, while the girls and I were shopping in Target, I must have said "Yes" to the girls more often than normal because Abby said, "Momma (for some reason my girls call me that), you are really in a Yes-mood today." She was right, I had agreed to more of their requests than usual. Both Abby and Kippy agreed, they liked the "Yes Momma". Ever since then, we have always labeled "Yes" moods or "No" moods depending on if they are getting their way or not.

One evening a couple of months ago, Kippy was not getting her way and she was VERY unhappy about it. In fact, she had a major temper-tantrum and had to go to her room. I actually can't remember what she was originally mad about, but it had certainly escalated until she was out of control, screaming and stomping. Eventually things mellowed out and we went about our evening. Later, when I was going to bed, I found this on my dresser and it made me bust out laughing.

She had created this small double-sided drawing with a tab labeled on the top which clearly showed one angry "No" momma. It included directions to flip it over. On the other-side, was this image, again with a tab at the top labeled "Yes".

Kippy's message was clear. She was hoping to control her world with a quick flip of the tab. I am sure it is every child's fantasy to make life this simple and determine the answer they get by holding up a "Yes" or "No" card! Are you in a "Yes" mood or a "No" mood today?


Lori said...

It depends on the day. Lately, if you ask Jo, I'm a NO momma. I think I lean toward no more often because that's what my parents did.

the mom~ said...

Today I was a maybe momma but probably closer to NO Momma. I do know what she means though and if life were as easy as the "Easy Button" we'd all be ok!
Love the picture!

Heather said...

I think I've been a yes momma lately....said no to zoo boo, but I let the girls decorate a candy haunted house DURING dinner. But I agree with Lori, it just depends on the day, week or time of month ;)