Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is all fun and games!

Charlene hosted a super fun Halloween party for the kids yesterday afternoon. Charlene must have cast a very good "spell" because the weather was gorgeous and the activities could be outside. The trauma of the early winter snowstorm on Sunday is thankfully a distant memory!

Abby went as a Rock Star and Kippy was a Witch. The kids really got into playing the games. Charlene, where did you come up with all the fun games?? They moved quickly from one activity to the next which kept them all engaged.

First, there was the donut eating contest. Have you even tried eating a donut dangling from a string without your hands? OMG, it was so funny!
My girls lacked the speed necessary to win, but had a great time trying to get the donut to cooperate!
Next, came the two teams competing in the Hula Hoop toss. They got points when their hoop completely circled the stuffed pumpkins. It was so close, there was a sudden-death-toss-off to determine the winning team! Look at the concentration on their faces!
Kippy threw a ringer!

The third game was Musical Brooms. The circle of kids had to keep two different brooms in rotation and whoever was holding the broom when the music stopped was out.
Abby was one of the last two kids, but ended up holding the broom in the end.
The fun and games were finished off with Bobbing for Apples - relay style and a round of Ghost Tag.
Say it don't spray it, Abby!
Success is so sweet!
Then it was Kippy's turn to dive...

Have a rockin' good Halloween, full of wonderful sweets and treats to eat!!


Lori said...

The pic of Kippy eating the apple is beautiful!!! Char throse a mean kid party. Looks like they all had fun.

Heather said...

We loved the party too! I do love her game ideas...the donut on the string was so funny to watch. Your pictures are awesome! See you tomorrow.

the mom~ said...

LOVE it Renae!!!

Charlene said...

most of the games came from the magazine Family Fun. I ran it through my oldest to make sure it wasn't too babyish for the older children, but fun enough for the little ones. I had fun doing it!