Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family fun at Itaska

On Saturday we spent the day at Itaska State Park with Russ & Kristy's family enjoying the gorgeous Fall foliage. The weather was perfect - cool and crisp with no wind and no clouds! We biked, checked out the Mississippi Headwaters, romped in the leaves, hiked and geocached.
The kids scrambled across the headwaters a number of times. Abby was a little more tentative and asked for help from a very nice lady while I snapped away with my camera. I'm so helpful!I went nuts taking pictures of the trees and leaves.
Nixin thought the log chair near the old timers cabin, which I called the "thinking chair", was great because he is in love with Blue's Clues.
Of course, there were leaf wars too.
We ended our fantastic day at an amazing German restaurant in Park Rapids called Schwarzwald Restaurant. We ate here once before and for the past year have talked about the rinderbraten, homemade noodles with gravy and the sauerkraut.


Lori said...

Looks like good fun. The colors are beautiful. Glad the weather cooperated for you. We are so blessed to live in an area with such diverse things to do.

the mom~ said...

Oh how beautiful! Everyone keeps talking about these headwaters...I want to go there now! I love all the pictures of the leaves and trees and that Nixin looks just like his daddy! Glad you guys enjoyed your day!