Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The annual "Back to School" post

 In the spirit of "Hurry UP! So I can take your pictures!", I bring you Back to School Fall 2012 in the traditional we.are.almost.late Lindgren-Style.

Angelique (Kippy - "Redbull with legs") headed off to her first day of school and also her last year at Our Lady of Victory. Just saying that outloud makes me yearn for the bouncy days of super-sized crayola crayons and washable markers of years past.  Kippy has Mrs. Jenc as her 6th grade teacher and is part of an intimate class of 8 (5 girls/3 boys).  She is excited to get back to school to be with her friends.

Abby was ready early enough to eat breakfast, so we all consider ourselves very lucky! (Normally, it is breakfast on the go in the vehicle as her dad rushes her to school.) Abby missed seeing her friends over the summer, but isn't too excited about the "work" part of school.  She heads off to the adventure of her Sophomore year.

 The air was noticeably cooler this morning and there were a lot of crunchy leaves scattered around the yard. Fall is fast approaching and there are many activities on the Calendar for both girls:  Pep Band & Dance for Abby; Soccer, Piano & Dance for Angelique.

 I am looking forward to a more peaceful work environment in my home office during the day, and driving the girls to their various events after school.

 Wishing both Abby and Angelique a school year full of fun, friends, memories and great experiences!


Lori said...

Time flies by so fast. These beauties have grown so much over the summer!! Good luck to them both and to you!! Many new adventures are headed your way!!!!

Heather said...

Such BEAUTIFUL girls! I love your annual back to school post and I LOVE YOU! Cheers to another great year!

Kathy said...

What a great blog for back to school. Such fun pictures. Drake said to me "this is my last pic Mom as Senior pictures are next". It must have been a good day as I didn't even cry.