Friday, September 28, 2012

Our unique girl

Today is Angelique Grace's 12th birthday!! Our Kippy Grace is a very unique combination of tough and tender-hearted.

She is so caring, loving, sentimental and sensitive, but has a strong, stubborn side to her as well.  She wants to be a marine biologist and a lawyer.

 It is this mix of seemingly contrasting characteristics make her so special:

  • socially shy, yet adventurous, bold and willing to try new things (sushi, snowboarding, scary rides)
  •  high-energy (think "Red-Bull with legs"), yet can sit and read for hours and hours
  •  a true tom-boy, yet likes to have LONG hair and dress up
  • extremely creative, yet messy beyond belief (may actually be a hoarder)
  •  cries during sad movies, yet never sheds a tear when she is hurt (badly burned her arm this summer and was tough as nails about it)
We love her to the MOON and BACK and wouldn't change one single thing about her!

One of Kippy's birthday requests was to get her own e-mail account. Big steps!!

We wish her the very best, joy-filled birthday today!


Lori said...

I love this girl!! She is so very special. Happy Birthday Miss Kippy!!

Lori said...
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the mom~ said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby with magical eyes! LOVE them!