Sunday, September 16, 2012

A beautiful young lady

 Our lives have been inter-twinned with this amazing young lady since moving to Fergus Falls 10 years ago. I first met her mom, Jean, through a church group called La Familia.  As it turned out, Jean and I had a lot in common, which included not only our faith, but a mutual love of running.  Additionally, we live only 3 blocks apart!  Within a few years, Brianna began to come over to babysit for us.  She always wrote the sweetest notes to both of our girls and made them feel so special.
 As time passed, Brianna and Abby became closer friends especially after attending Steubenville Youth Retreat together and now they even work together at DairyLand!  I have always been an admirer of Brianna's strong faith, warm heart and easy smile.  

I can't hardly tell you how excited I was to be asked to take Senior pictures of this amazing young woman!  It was such a privilege and we had a blast spending a few hours taking pictures.  I am reminded again of His plan and Blessing in bringing us together with Brianna and her family

Thank you, Brianna!

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Lori said...

Great shots of a beautiful girl!!