Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A memorable Memorial weekend

 It was worth all the planning to be able to get together again with the Bytnar & Landmark families at Lake Hendricks. In typical Memorial weekend fashion, the weather sometimes was fabulous and sometimes not so much.  However, the 6 adults along with our 6 children, made the most of the precious time we had together.

Of course, the primary focus for Sherri, Kathy and me was to catch up on our napkin lists.  Our napkin lists are vitally important because the lists allow us to really listen to each other without forgetting to share our "need to know" information.  I think the napkin lists are how we stay close together even though we live far apart!

  We are doubly blessed in that our husbands work pretty hard to make sure we get the girlfriend time we
need.  Much of the meal prep and kid entertainment can be credited to them!

One of my favorite moments was when Ryan came into the house after fishing most of the day and exclaimed with wonder, "You guys are STILL talking!?!"

Yup, that is how we roll, a gab-fest, 24/7!!

Lake fun was had by the kids and the men.  Two boats were going and 9 lines were constantly being monitored.  I believe the competition was on, but I have to be honest and admit, I didn't pay much attention to the details.  I just looked at the smiling faces and constant chatter and teasing going on and knew everyone was living the moment.
 There was one competition that I did pay attention to and that was the Scavenger Hunt that the kids teamed up on.  Abby & Rachel surprised everyone with their first place finish.  The surprise is that they happen to be the slowest of the 6, yet pulled off the WIN.  Kippy and Drake came in 2nd with Darian and Ryan a close third.  It was fun that the kids all kept their sense of adventure and really got into it.

 And to continue tradition, we had a photo shoot of the RAD pack (Rachel, Ryan, Abby, Angelique, Drake & Darian).  Love those kids to pieces!
And when the girls got tired of fishing, we all got busy crafting.  Several types of fabric flowers were creatively made along with some necklaces.  Pssst... I think the guys were secretly wanting to join in with us!

Thanks so much for the fun at your Lake, Tom, Sherri, Rachel & Ryan!


Lori said...

Wow...the fun never ends with you!! I love sister-chic time. Always time well spent!!

Heather said...

Looks like you had a BLAST! Good job making memories to last a lifetime and then documenting them! I love you so much and your ability to make your sister-chick time a priority in your life. Good job Nae!!!