Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another dance season completed

which included 10 months of weekly practices, 2 staging practices, 2 dress rehearsals & 4 performances  (a.k.a. hours and hours of time). Abby participated in Jazz3 and Angelique danced in Modern 1A/1B this season. Again, the girls continue to do a wonderful job despite having me as their reluctant dance mom.

I am secretly looking forward to a dance-free summer, filled with swim team, soccer games, & marching band events.

I must admit, though, both girls continue to love performing on stage and that makes it all worth it!

After I took pictures of the girls individually in their costumes, Abby said, "Mom, you have to take pictures of us together!"  Oh my goodness, I remember when they hated when I put them together for pictures and now they are actually demanding pictures together?  Be still my heart!  These sisters are definitely two peas in a pod and I love them to the moon and back!!

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