Sunday, May 13, 2012

Honoring Thy Mothers

It is such a privilege and blessing to have these two beautiful girls as my daughters.  My love for them is boundless. And to think that they honor me on Mother's day?  Most of the credit for the mother I am goes to my self-less, beautiful, generous, faith-filled, loving mom, Rose Marie.
I hope my girls always know how lucky they are to have Grandma Rose in their lives to love, guide, nurture and support them.
Just as I am forever grateful to have had the guidance, love and support of my Grandma Ruth (my dad's mom) throughout my childhood until I was nearly 40 years old.

As well as my courageous, sweet, loving Grandma Nita (my mom's mom) who also mentored me throughout my childhood until I was 30 years old.  Both of my Grandmas were actively involved in my life and influenced me immeasurably.  It is a joy to have all those memories and experiences and most of all to thank them on this Mother's day for helping me become the mom I am.

 Steve took us out to the Oakes cemetery were we shared stories of Grandma Nita with Abby & Angelique.  Although it may seem unusual, it was the perfect place to take my mom.  A wonderful peace came over us both as we remembered and honored Grandma Nita.

And back home in my own flowerbed, the gift of my Grandma Ruth's iris were blooming and reminding me of the legacy of her love and beauty. 

I also thought of all the other women in my life who lift me up and hope you all felt my gratitude.  It was an amazing and very happy Mother's day.

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Lori said...

That is a very rich heritage you have there! What a wonderful tribute. I count myself lucky to be on the receiving end of your nurturing skills. My thanks to Grandma Nita, Grandma Ruth and the lovely Rose. They taught you well. You honor them every single day just by being as wonderful as you are.