Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discovery on the deck

 Kippy found this little toad sitting on the edge of the deck.  At first she thought it was dead, but after carefully watching it, she could see it was breathing.
 It really looked like a rock.  In fact we put a rock right beside him and it didn't move.  Toad imitating rock?

Or rock imitating toad?

P.S.  Sorry to freak you out, Lori.  I know you don't like reptiles, but he really is kinda cute, don't ya think?


the mom~ said...

Not cute but neat that it does look like a rock! I totally thought it was! Did Kippy keep it? Is it a local in your yard?

Lori said... Cool... definitely!! That is one cool toad. I think Kip should name it :)