Friday, December 30, 2011

A Christmas mystery SOLVED!

I was looking back at pictures taken during December and I had an aha moment.  The mystery of why I always gain weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas has been solved!  I bake more goodies during December than I do the entire YEAR.  The problem isn't necessarily the baking, it is the eating. I just cannot resist the pull of chocolate and sugar.

List of goodies made:
  • Snowball Kisses
  • Macaroon Kisses
  • M&M Pretzle Kisses
  • Dipped pretzles
  • Mint chocolate Chip Cookes
  • Gingerbreadmen

I also love that baking brings people together.  I hosted a baking day with Heather just before Christmas with 8 7 eager elves and 1 elf who wasn't feeling well.  We had a great time and shared lots of laughs and no one fell into a diabetic coma.
We put together goodie plates for the neighbors and shared with family over Christmas.  There was still plenty left over for me to pack on some extra insulation for the winter.

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