Friday, December 16, 2011

Enjoying the music of the Season

Our first concert of the Christmas season was the Fergus Falls High School band Holiday Pops concert, which was just before Thanksgiving on November 21st.  It was amazing and we were all so impressed with musical talent of these kids.  Abby plays the altosax and we were excited that we could actually watch her perform this time because of our seats being upfront.  Steve, Kippy and I got to feast on some delicious pie before the concert started.  Such a great night!

Our family attended the M-State Mannheim Steamroller concert on December 10 and thought it was fabulous.  This You-tube link is from last year, but it does capture the great quality of the music.  I loved how energetic the conductor was!  Can't imagine how many calories he alone burned.  The performers were a cross section from the high school level, to the collegiate level, all the way to the community level. We really are blessed with local talent.
Angelique had two performances of the OLV Christmas program on December 16th.  This fall she began playing the flute in the Middle School band and performed "Up on the Housetop" with two of her classmates. Her 5th grade class also played "Go Tell It on the Mountain" on the chimes as well as singing several songs. It is always such a beautiful concert, full of traditional Christmas hymns.
Grandma Shirley, along with her Great Uncle Jim and Great Aunt Esther came to watch the afternoon performance.  Angelique always loves when there are special people in the audience watching her.
Our family attended the evening concert, which was simply wonderful. Music is such a balm to my soul and nothing gets me in the true spirit of Christmas better than listening to live music.

Abby also participated in a Winter Holiday Choir concert at the Kennedy Secondary School on December 12th.  It was so beautiful.  There were performances from 6 different concert choirs, but I will have to say that the 8 part A Cappella women's choir which sang "O Come Emmanuel" was my favorite and literally brought tears to my eyes.


the mom~ said...

I LOVE music of all kind but Christmas music make my heart sing! Great pictures of your girls!
Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Oh my...why are our girls growing up so darn fast? They both look beautiful and I LOVE how Kip's curls turned out! I love Christmas music too! I was also blessed to attend a myriad of concerts this Christmas season and it really is you said....a balm to my soul. So happy you had a wonderful Christmas season!