Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Crafties

Pinterest has been a fabulous source of all kinds of Christmas crafties and gift ideas this season.  I have been able to get my craft-on with a number of fun projects.

I made this 8x8 picture as a 20-year-anniversary commemorative for Steve & me.  Got to use a cheap frame I scored at Goodwill and spray-painted black.  I love bringing new life to someone else's cast-offs!

These adorable felt owl ornaments were made for Heather & Lori as a tribute to our "owl-tastic" time in Sioux Falls.
I was able to make these recycled wine cork ornaments to commemorate some special moments with my Kathy, my Mikey and my Denise.

This cute little corner "monster" bookmark was a paper craft project created with my fabulous friend niece, Kamiryn (a.k.a. KZ). 

This little girl is the frosting to my cupcake!
My SIL, Kristy, and her sister, Kathy, spied these snowman wrapped hershey bar crafties on pinterest.  Kippy and I went to town using her supplies making this delicious little army on Christmas Eve.
 If you haven't checked out pinterest, I whole heartily endorse it and can send you an invite if you want!  Happy crafting!


Lori said...

I DO love Pinterest!! And I LOVELOVELOVE my owl ornament. He is now hanging in my craft room. You are so creative. I wish we could craft more together!!

Mikey said...

Hey I have one of the crafties.. hanging from my dining room light.. I think it will just stay there throughout the year :-)

thx - mikey

Kathy said...

You have Kacie and Katrina addicted to Pinterest. I believe they asked you about it on facebook. I made a scarf with Kacie over the weekend out of an old t-shirt. Katrina and Darian made a necklace over the holiday break. Look at you inspiring others!

Unknown said...

Where do I find DIY instructions for making the wine cork with ribbon and bell ornament? I have looked all over Pinterest and I am led to your page, but cannot find any instructions. Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...
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