Thursday, December 1, 2011

Light the lights upon the Christmas tree...

 "...celebrate the season with friends and family.  Light the lights and hang the star above, celebrate the season with the ones you love."  This is a portion of a song sung at the OLV Christmas program and certainly makes me think of our tradition of decorating our Christmas tree together.
 We may not have a real tree to decorate, but we have real memories associated with the ornaments that are hung on our tree.  Abby has a beautiful collection of Barbie ornaments which now span 11 years and are a treasure from her Godparents, Lance & Denise.
 This wooden, hand-carved boot ornament was received last year (2010) from my Colorado-bestie, Kathy, to commemorate falling down her stairs due to my new birthday boots.  It also carries the memory of the help Kathy received from her dear mother-in-law, BJ, in locating this perfect memento.
 I really do appreciate the labeling I have done on some of my treasured ornaments.  There is a lot of history, love and friendships celebrated each year throughout our tree.
 And as our family tradition dictates, we all wear our Santa hats while decorating.... even miss Bella, much to her chagrin.
 Abby is giving a little love to a beloved "Hello Kitty" ornament.
While decorating our tree, we watched "Polar Express" and of course, sang along as much as possible.  Our timing worked out perfectly.  The ornaments were all in place just as the movie was ending.

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Lori said...

Your tree is beautiful. I love having ornaments that trigger memories every year.This time of year is made so much better remembering all the people in our lives. So blessed :)