Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Potters Way 2011

Potters Way has become a tradition over the past several years for pumpkin picking and corn maze craziness in the Fall when we come to the farm.  The more cousins we can get to come with us, the more fun we all have.  This year Kaleb and Makenzie, along with Grandma Rose participated. 

Despite the super windy day, the weather was warm enough for t-shirts.  We road the "Pumpkin Express" hayride over to the giant patch were each kid carefully selected their perfect pumpkin.  Angelique wanted a HUGE pumpkin and I told her as long as she could carry it, she could have it. I thought I was being so wise, but that little bugger carried that immense pumpkin back to the Pumpkin Express herself!  I need to come up with better rules in the future because the trunk of our car barely closed once everything was loaded.

Unfortunately, there was a terrible wind storm that hit the Oakes area in early July, which decimated the original corn maze at Potters Way.  So as a fun substitution, a scarecrow walk was created and we each got to vote on our favorite scarecrow.  We had a lot of laughs selecting and imitating our favs. I certainly have happy memories of that day!

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