Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am obsessed with colorful autumn leaves.  Every year my absolute favorite thing to do in the Fall is to find the most BEAUTIFUL tree in Fergus Falls and proclaim it as the BEST EVER!  My kids are used to me frequently gasping, pointing and sometimes stopping the car when I see a lovely candidate with bright Fall foliage.  On September 28th, I decided to photograph some of the trees in Fergus Falls, but I found so many beauties, I just couldn't decide which one was the BESTEST TREE EVER.  

So, I decided to ask for your assistance and created my own personal Fall Foliage Beauty contest.  Please help me with this difficult decision.  Click on the collage below to enlarge the photos and after carefully evaluating the color composition, shape and overall impression determine which of these 11 contestants is worthy of the title BESTEST TREE EVER.  Let me know your vote by entering the respective contestant number in the comments section.



Mikey said...

I like number 5 - it looks very tree like. :)

Lori said...

#3...No wait...Maybe #8. Yeah. I like #8. No. Wait. I like #10. Yes. That is my official vote. #10. They are all so beautiful. I do miss that about FF. COming around a corner and just gasping at the stunning tree in front of me. The foliage here is nice and all...but not contest with the Fergberg.

Kathy said...

No doubt, 10.

the mom~ said...

Can't pick just one!
My favorite is 5, then 6 and last 10.