Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Haunted Halloween

We had lots of pumpkins this year because of our Blue Bird CSA as well as a trip to Potters Way. Kippy was the most enthusiastic about carving them.  She carved one on Saturday night and then both Abby & Kippy carved additional pumpkins on Sunday night.
 While Kippy was carving her dragon pumpkin, Abby decided at the last minute that she wanted to dress up for Halloween after all and needed a Little Red Riding Hood cape.  I found a free pattern on-line for a cape made out of polar fleece.  It was a little tedious taping together the 30 pages necessary to make the pattern.  (Our friend, KZ, was a great helper with taping part.) So with $12.50 in supplies for the fleece & ribbon, a costume was born.
 For some reason, there were no salvageable pumpkin seeds from Kippy's first pumpkin.  They were all flatso & weird.  But we got lots of seeds from the Sunday night carving so I made Martha Stewart's sweet & spicy pumpkin seeds, which are officially the bestest ever!

Pumpkin carving is so much easier than I remember from when the girls were little.  Now they both can handle it from A to Z, so all I have to do is take pictures of their masterpieces.  From past Halloween carving experiences, I remember having sore wrists from the elaborate patterns that the girls would choose. Now they are 100% on their own and I like it that way much better.
Kippy's creepy kitten
Kippy's terrifying dragon

Abby's bewitching bat scene

Kippy created her own costume after doing internet browsing for some DIY ideas.  She is a hunchbacked witch with a baby on her back.  She was able to recycle and re-purpose everything she needed from home except for the witch mask.  She got a lot of great compliments on her illusion costume.

Steve took Kippy and her BFF, Madi out trick or treating.  They had a fabulous time running all over the neighborhood gathering sweets and treats.

Abby's cape turned out great and she put together a wonderful Little Red Riding Hood ensemble, which unfortunately doesn't show up well in the picture because it was black.  She is still all about being a fashionista.  I was happy to see that she was still willing to participate in the haunted Halloween festivities at some level. 

The spooky sisters.

On a side note:  I only handed out candy to 9 kids, even tho the weather was fabulous (around 45 degrees). The Veteran's home across the street from us was doing a booming business and the parking lot was crammed full.  Perhaps all the T-or-T'ers had too much loot after their visit to the Veteran's home and couldn't walk all the way to our house?  Luckily, I sent all the leftover EVIL candy to work with Steve.

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Lori said...

The cape turned out beautifully!! I LOVE Kippy's costume. So original and thrifty too. Your girls are amazing!