Monday, December 20, 2010

My favorite Christmas cookie.

If I could only pick one cookie to bake at Christmas-time, it would be Gingerbread cookies. I love them! I love rolling them out; I love the smell as they are baking; I love the red-hot buttons; I love dunking them in my coffee in the morning; I cannot go a Christmas season without making up a batch.

I use an old recipe I got 18 years ago from my mom. It is stained and scuffed, but I promise, it makes the best darn gingerbread EVER. So soft and delicious, I crave them every year. Apparently, it was a converted Weight Watchers recipe because my mom has written some equivalents on the back that I can't even begin to understand.
Just trust me on this one thing... these gingerbread cookies are fab-u-lous!
The best part is the creativity the girls exhibit in accessorizing the gingerbread men/women. The elves don't even bicker because they get to each do their own thing. There is much laughing and giggling and it is SO much better than the gingerbread-house experience.
Here are a few of the clever little gingerbread people the girls made.
Apparently, with a few decorative sprinkles, the possibilities are endless.
A little warning is in order... there are some very scary gingerbread men on the loose!

This vampire gingerbread is going to SUCK.YOUR.BLOOD!!! EEEEKKKKK!

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Lori said...

Their creativity astounds me!! I love the individual personalities of each cookies. I do love me a good gingerbread cookie!! WTG Lindgren Girls :)