Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The elves have been shopping.

A Christmas tradition which began 8 years ago when we first moved to Fergus Falls, is to buy gifts for the Salvation Army Angel giving tree. We started the tradition as a result of our church (Our Lady of Victory) sponsoring an Angel tree, which is how we learned about the program. The Angel tree is decorated with paper angels designating the age and gender of the intended recipient.
Abby and Angelique choose an angel tag from the tree that matches their current age, then we take them shopping. The girls each choose a gift for themselves, but instead of keeping the gift...
they place the angle tag on the unwrapped gift and place it back under the Angel tree. When our elves were much younger, it was a bit challenging for them to get the concept.
Now, the elves are professional as they quickly search for an Angel tag that exactly matches their current age and thoughtfully pick out a gift for their Angel. The Salvation Army distributes the gifts to children in our area. The elves will place these gifts under the Angel tree on Sunday. It is a wonderful way to show Christmas spirit by helping others.


Kathy said...

Your elves have been busy. What a wonderful lesson for the girls. We do something similar with a family from the transition house. We just got our "wish list" this week.

Have a great Friday! I know it's Thursday but have a good Friday.

Lori said...

I LOVE angel trees. My Mom introduced me to them years ago when she had run out of little girls to by baby dolls for (pre-grandkids). I loved going with her and picking a couple names off the tree. It is a heart warming tradition. <3

the mom~ said...
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the mom~ said...

Very cool. Our church does a shoebox gift program. We take a clear shoe box, pick a gender and age(from a form they provide) and fill the box with as much stuff as we can and then it gets shipped to less fortuate children so they too can have a Christmas.
We chose a 2 year old girl this was so much fun seeing our boys shop for a girl, and Steven and I had fun too! :)
Then, we pray for this unknown child throughout the holiday season.