Monday, December 6, 2010

Keeping track of the number of days until Christmas

We don't use a traditional Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas. Instead we use this fabric snowman calendar to move us along through the season. Each day, one of the girls moves the baby snowman into the next day's pocket. In the past, there has been arguing over who gets to make the move and we had to implement an "even-day-for-Abby-&-odd-day-for -Kippy" plan. Now, it just seems to be whoever gets to it first, although there is still competition.
I can't remember exactly when I got this cute reusable fabric calendar, but I do know it came from a very, very dear friend as a Christmas gift several years ago. I also know Abby & Angelique have been using it to track the "count down until Christmas" for the entire time we have lived in Fergus.
My favorite thing about it is the adorable carrot nose! Of course, the fact that we can use it again and again is a bonus. It is definitely a favorite thing to unpack each year. Oh my goodness... only 19 more days to go until Christmas! What??


Lori said...

I do love snowmen!! I love how excited your girls get to move the snowman. I'd bet when they grow up and move out one of them will try to talk you out of the snowman calendar!!

Kathy said...

Warms my heart.

the mom~ said...

He's cute!