Friday, December 17, 2010

The elves bake.

Saturday morning, I recruited my two elves to get some Holiday baking done. Kippy wanted peanut butter kiss cookies, which are a family favorite. { So much a favorite, that I only make them once a year because I can't keep my little mitties out of them.}
As the saying goes, many hands make light work and the elves are more than willing to help so they can snitch tastes of dough & steal Kisses. The elves work on the cookies in an assembly-line type process. One elf unwraps the Kisses, another elf rolls the doughballs in sugar, then the mom-elf pops them in the oven, when the hot pan emerges, the elves work double-time pressing the Kisses into the warm cookies...then the mom-elf calls the head-elf to stop and pick up more Kisses because we have run out. Just in case you have the impression that our baking always goes smoothly.
Eight dozen peanut-butter Kiss cookies later, the house smelled amazing and the elves were in a sugar induced coma. More baking to come...


Lori said...

Such cute little elves too!!!

the mom~ said...

They look fabulous!