Monday, September 6, 2010

Our last lake weekend

One of our favorite summer traditions is the weekend we spend at Maple Lake with the Mathern family. We have scheduled this time together one weekend during the summer for the past 6 years and we always look forward to it. It is during this weekend that we throw a personal birthday party for Denise, who is also Abby's Godmother. Since the weekend for our gathering is not set in stone, Denise sometimes blows the candles out before her birthday {gasp} but many times it is weeks after her actual birthday. She is always a great sport about this and it is a MUST.DO event for my girls. This year the weekend of August 27-29 was no exception.
We celebrated Denise's birthday 6 weeks late with tiramisu cake complete with candles. The girls also presented Denise with some bright orange mums for her front door. Brac thought the frosting was extra yummy and kept sneaking little tastes of it. And with his charming smile, I was tempted to give him the entire cake to lick!
The great thing about digital is I can quickly find flashback photos from our weekends at Maple Lake. Here is 3 year old Kippy with Denise on the jet ski and 7 year old Abby on the tube on July 24, 2004. Seriously, were they really that little?
The theme on Saturday was to do different dives off the dock. Brac had interesting names for each one including "Bumper Blaster", "Seaweed Booger Blaster", "Volcano Blaster", plus many more that I can't even remember. Steve, Lance, Abby & Kippy were willing participants in Brac's many creative dock dives.

It was hot and sunny the whole weekend, which was a relief since earlier in the week, we had some very cool 70 degree days. This weekend was the first time that we had brought Bella with us to Maple Lake. One thing that really surprised us was how much she liked being on the boat. I just assumed she would be a shivering, quivering mess, but she was more than willing to be up front with Baily enjoying the wind in her face.
Kippy put in a couple tries to get up on water skis on Sunday afternoon, but in the end she "wasn't feeling it" because she said the water made her too cold. We didn't push it since the skis were adult-sized and she could barely keep the tips out of the water. Maybe next year. Brac and the girls did a lot of tubing. We laughed at Brac's unique tube-riding-style... he rides facing backwards so he won't get the water mist in his face! We shared a lot of laughs, played games, enjoyed the water, soaked up the sun and got caught up on one other's lives. Wouldn't trade this summer tradition for the world!


Lori said... all know how to do the long weekend right! I love the flashback photos. <3

Kathy said...

I love that you are in a picture!!! Your husband is so fun jumping off the doc with the girls. What a wonderful traditional and how neat that the girls look forward to it just as much as the adults.

the mom~ said...

Looks like a fabulous weekend!