Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to sCHoOl time!

A tale of two girls going back to school on Tuesday, September 7th... each going to different schools and having a different approach.
Angelique started 4th grade at Our Lady of Victory school. She told me she was nervous the night before school. This made me smile, since she already knows 8 of the 9 kids in her class. There is only one new girl being added to the group, making her class size 10 students. Kippy also knows her 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Pawlowski, really well too. Nervousness... unfortunately, she gets that from me.
It must have been this nervous excitement that inspired Kippy to be ready early and she asked me to braid her hair for her. I'm all for having it out of her face, so I quickly did it. Plus, she rarely WANTS me to braid her hair anymore, so I always jump at the chance to do it.
This year, Kippy said she only wanted to have one pair of shoes for school, instead of a casual pair, plus a pair of tennis shoes. She picked these black tennies because she thought, "black won't look so dirty". We'll have to see if she is right as she is very hard on her foot wear {and clothing in general.}
Kippy opted to not use a backpack for school, but picked a shoulder bag that we already had at home. Sweet - one less thing we had to buy!
Normally, Steve drops the girls off at school, but on the first day, I road along so I could snap a few pictures. It was misting outside and barely had time to get this quick pic before

Kippy turned around and RAN into the building. No other photos could be captured and she never once looked back.

The girls got home off the bus around 4:10 PM.

Kippy brought this Who Am I? sheet home at the end of the day and I like that it captures a bit about her at this point in time.
She had a great first day and told me that the new girl in her class is really nice. I just love the hair-halo she had by the end of the day.

Abby approached her first day of 8th grade a little differently. She was MUCH more relaxed. Her only concern was what new outfit to wear, getting her hair styled and her make-up just so. She was late getting ready and I literally had about 60 seconds to get her first day photographed.
She used the same shoulder bag she had gotten mid-way through 7th grade last year, due to backpack breakage.
The item she was most excited about wearing are her new converse sneakers that she bought herself with birthday money just 4 days before school started.
Abby was very cool and collected as she was dropped off at Kennedy Secondary school, which had just finished a 2 year renovation and add-on process. She definitely gets her laid back attitude from her dad.
I was very surprised when she stopped and gave us a wave just before she went inside and I was glad to snap a pic. Not much really shakes my Abby girl... except her little sister.

When Abby got off the bus, she was pretty excited about her first day and still had perfectly styled hair. She said, "I like ALL of my teachers!" Knowing Abby, the social aspect of school is probably her most favorite part of all.

Here's to a great start on a new school year!


the mom~ said...

Beautiful girls! Glad to hear they had a great first day!

Kathy said...

You do have two very different girls, how wonderful.

Heather said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your first day re-cap. What awesome girls you have, I love Kip's hair halo at the end of the day and Abby's laid back attitude!

Lori said...

I love this post. You've preserved their first day very well. They will always remember their cute shoes and the fum memories of getting ready for the best first day ever!! P.S. LOVE the shoes!!!!