Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Celebrating 10 Terrific Years with Angelique

Kippy's 10th birthday is today... DOUBLE-DIGITS... oH yeaH!!! I thought about blubbering on and on about how my baby has grown up and how time has flown by... but instead want to offer a Top Ten Facts about Our Kippy Girl

10. Angelique Grace Lindgren was born September 28, 2000 at 10:53 PM at Weiner Memorial Hospital in Marshall, MN, even though her due date was October 25th, she was in a bit of a rush to join us.
9. Angelique has been accident prone from the day she was born having to stay 5 days in the hospital w/ IV's, oxygen and bilirubin lamps; ear tubes at 8 months; breaking her foot at 18 months; hospitalized for MRSA infection at 3 years; stitches in her head at 5 years. She is missing the "careful" gene.

8. Angelique acquired the nickname "Kippy" pretty early on in her life. On the day she came home from the hospital, big-sister-Abby was holding her and said, "Mama, she is just a little Nipper." Nipper turned into Kipper which turned into Kippy and has been a term of endearment ever since.
7. Angelique has grown up loving her chenille yellow blanket (nie-nie). It literally was loved to pieces and eventually fell completely apart. Luckily it was replaced by another yellow blankie made by Grandma Rose, which continues to be a source of comfort.
6. Angelique has participated in gymnastics, swimming, dance and even ran a 1 mile race this summer in Henning, MN, but by far, she loves playing soccer the most.
5. She is an animal lover! Angelique wants to be a Marine Biologist and work at SeaWorld training dolphins and/or whales. Or she may be a Veterinarian... but definitely one of the two.

4. Angelique loves adventure. She is exhilarated by white water rafting, tubing, skiing, roller coasters or any kind of exciting ride. She has a need for speed.
3. Angelique has a very generous spirit. She is quick to give comfort to others whether that be a hug, kind words or even a foot massage, she seriously is amazing. Last December, she donated 8 inches of hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. She said, "If I had cancer, I would like to have hair for Christmas." So she gave some of hers.
2. Looks can be deceiving. Angelique's name means "like an Angel" and sometimes she may even look like an angel, but definitely has a serious trouble-maker streak in her.

1. Angelique has energy times 100. Her grandpa says, "Angelique can wear-out her clothes from the inside!" She can't sit still. She has a ZEST for LIFE. Her enthusiasm is infectious. And all this is packed inside a very shy girl. We love the contrast of our high-energy-yet-socially-timid daughter. She has a smile which lights up our world and is a blessing to us all!

Happy 10th birthday, Angelique, Kipper-do, Kips, Kippy!

OK, now I am going to cry my eyes out because my baby is so grown up.


Lori said...

What an amazing post!! She is beautiful and athletic...this girl CAN have it all. What a gift to your family. Give her a hug for me!!

Kathy said...

Oh my word this is priceless....what a Mom. My eyes got fuller and fuller with each story line and now I am crying like a baby while I type this. I think you captured Kips perfectly. What a precious gift for her to have and look back on long after she is 10. Another great Mom memory created by an amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Angelique. Your mom and I had many a conversation while both on bedrest with our very spirited and very loved kids. Great post Nae! As I've said, can't wait to read your first book!