Friday, September 17, 2010

My Ode to Fall

I took a walk today on crunchy, cracking leaves, enjoyed the cool crisp air and tried to photograph the splendor. Many of the maples in town are bursting with reds, yellows and oranges. I get so distracted driving while pointing out the fall foliage, which resembles fireworks to me. It was much safer walking with Bella and my Nikon. It is my favorite time of year!

"Pumpkins in the cornfields, gold among the brown. Leaves of rust and scarlet, trembling slowly down. Birds that travel southward, its a lovely time to play Nothing is as pleasant, as an autumn day!"

I haven't gotten any pumpkins yet, but I do have a bunch of beautiful mums to enjoy on my porch.
Hope you are finding lots of ways to enjoy this fabulous fall season!


Lori said...

One good thing about MN...the beautiful Fall colors. You have captured Fall at it's finest. Simply breath taking. You, my friend, are an artist!!

Kathy said...

GORGEOUS pictures my friend!!! WOW!!!!

the mom~ said...

My favorite time too! Love all the colors and your pictures capture that so well.