Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spending time with my mom

I can credit my dad's purchase of a new truck for allowing me to get together with my mom for a few days of one-on-one time. Dad, Russ & Noah flew to Phoenix, AZ on Thursday evening, May 6th to pick up Dad's new rig and drive it back to ND, so Mom headed to Fergus Falls as soon as their flight left. It was a bonus that the timing worked out for some Mother/Daughter time over Mother's Day weekend. Thanks, Dad!

Friday morning we headed to Perham for some spa time, but first we armed ourselves with skinny caramel cappuccino's, raincoats and our purses.

Our appointment for pedicures at Sorella's got a little mixed up because they had us down for manicures instead. It looked like an epic disaster was going to unfold, but thankfully, they were able to shuffle the schedule and get us in for pedi's just 30 minutes later. Crisis averted and our nasty, chipped, crusty feet were ever so happy.

I loved that we could have our spa treatment at the same time. Vibrating, massage chairs and heated neck rolls were a plus.

This was Mom's 4th pedicure ever and she was a little nervous about it because her feet are so darn ticklish, but her nail technician was great.
I loved the seaweed wrap with the hot towels. So relaxing and my feet and legs felt baby smooth when all done. We had fun inventing a new line of OPI polish colors that could be farm themed. "Hay-stackin fun", "Open the Barn door red", "A Horse of a different Color", "Calf Scours", "Dusty dirt road". Don't you think a rural theme would be great fun??
Mom ended up with some fancy lookin' toes painted in "Meet Me on the Star Ferry."

I chose "A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find" along with some hand-painted daisies.

A great improvement and our de-crusted feet felt smooth as a baby's bottom.

After the fear of smudging our newly painted toes was over, we headed to a very cute coffee shop called Gathering Grounds.
The weather was rain mixed with snow and rather depressing for May, but the atmosphere at the Gathering Grounds immediately perked us up. Couple that with homemade tomato basil soup and delicious veggie wrap sandwich and we were two very happy campers.

But add sharin' tiramisu for dessert... priceless!

We spent the rest of the afternoon putzing around and visiting while checking out the great shops in Perham. We were scored some deals at an antique shop. Mom found a gorgeous handmade quilt and I got a beautiful vase and a frame for a project.

Steve had a great supper for us when we got home. All 5 of us watched "Where the Wild Things Are" snuggled under mom's new quilt. It was a perfect end to a great Friday with my mom. And lucky me, we got to spend all day Saturday together too!


Mikey said...

Nice day with Mom.. :-)

Lori said...

What a perfect day. I do like the rural themed polish line. I'm not sure what calf scours would look like though. Sounds a bit nasty!!

the mom~ said...

SOunds like a perfect weekend!

Kathy said...

It sounds like your Friday was well spent! Love the orange toes. Your Mom looks great. I laughed about her finger polish something my mom would say!