Thursday, May 6, 2010

Got Music?

Band concert, Choir concert and piano recitals... it is definitely time for music in our house. This year both Abby and Angelique got a new piano teacher, Betty Bermel, and they have both done very well with her. Angelique finished her 2nd year and Abby has completed 5 years. Their Spring recital was held on April 30th.

Angelique played Somersaults by Vandall, Dance on a Moonbeam by Hidy and Music Box Dancer by Mills.
Angelique said she was really nervous, but she played all her pieces well. She has come such a long way in two years.
Abby's recital pieces were more complex and quite beautiful. She really does well with adding emotion to her music.
Abby played Bagatelle in G by Faber and Pachelbel Canon arr by Faber. Steve and I are very proud of their hard work. And we are happy that we only have to bug/nag them occasionally to practice, right girls?
Tuesday night (May 4th), Abby had her Spring Band concert. The theme for the evening was music from the movies. It was very entertaining because all of the tunes were recognizable.

Abby is always so difficult to see in the second row because of her lack of height (thanks to me).
She plays alto sax in the 7th grade band and also in the 7th and 8th grade honors band.

If we had one of those cool Flip video recorders, I could have embedded some of the music with this post. Unfortunately we don't, so I just snap a few pictures and have to call it good. I have to call out that Abby wore my black skirt and white shirt to the concert. She is officially borrowing my clothes. Before this, it was just my jewelry that she raided. Let the clothing wars begin!


Lori said...

Such talent...and beauty too!! These girls have a lot going for them. Nothing will stop them now!!

the mom~ said...

They both did a fabulous job at their recital! And ya know, Mothers Day is coming...maybe Steve can get you a cool flip recorder for that??? LOL