Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rescue Mission

I have thee different varieties of daffodils are blooming in my flower beds this week; however, the gale force winds and heavy rains were destroying them. These are a few that I rescued from the elements. I never realized how fragrant daffodils are. We are enjoying both their beauty and scent inside.
Still hoping the rain and wind can spare some of the tulips making their appearance as well. If not, I'll have to plan another rescue mission.


Charlene said...

I lost my flowers to a three year old with shears!!! I wish I could have saved the tulips like you did with your daffodils.....they are beautiful!

Mom said...

Your daffodils are so sweet!
BTW Abby's tree is already starting to bloom! Crazy, huh?

Kathy said...

I have only seen yellow one's...the cream/white are my favorite....beautiful!

Heather said...

So beautiful!!! I LOVE daffodils...someday I will plant myself some. I was so excited for my first year of tulips!