Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Mont Du Lac experience

Mont Du Lac is a small ski resort in Wisconsin, just 20 minutes from Russ & Kristy's home in Esko. We had several choices of ski resorts to go to, but decided on Mont Du Lac because it is generally less crowded. Since this was going to be both my nephews first skiing experience, we wanted to have some breathing room on the slopes. Not only did we luck out on not having to deal with crowds, but the weather was cooperative too. "Cooperative" to me means no wind and the temperature a balmy 5 degrees. I am not a fan of skiing in sub-zero weather. I know, call me a pansy.
Here is Nixin (age 3) getting his ski boots put on by his dad (I thought I would point out who that headless person is in the picture.) Although Nixin gave it a good try, skiing didn't work out for him. Nixin didn't like the sensation and wanted to sit down in the harness instead of stand up on the skiis. In retrospect, we think sledding or tubing would have been better.
Here is Noah (age 9) and Kippy getting ready to go out on the slopes. Noah was so eager to try out skiing. Abby & Angelique already knew what they were doing so they quickly headed to the lift. While Russ & Kristy were struggling to get Nixin geared up and harnessed, I worked with Noah. After successfully navigating Noah over to the Pancake Run (aka "the bunny hill"), Noah and I struggled a bit to get him back to the top using the tow rope. I think it would have made a funny video. After getting Noah's skis put back on several times, I turned to Steve and said, "I don't think I can teach someone to ski." Thankfully, Noah had low expectations and was patient, because he did catch on.
About an hour after Noah started practicing, I took him on the lift for the first time. He was a little apprehensive about it but he hung in there. He listened carefully and had no problems getting on or getting off! I took this picture of his beaming face as he road the lift for the first time. When we took a break for lunch, Noah exclaimed, "Auntie, you said you couldn't teach anyone to ski, but you can!" Truthfully, it was 90% Noah and only 10% me.
Abby and Kippy at the top of the hill - it was a beautiful view...
Abby and I squinting in the sun in a self portrait while riding the lift. Did I mention that I dropped my glove while doing this? I had a cold trip down with one bare hand to retrieve it. As I tell my kids, "That was not my best idea!"
Russ & Steve after exiting the lift.
"I'm king of the world!"