Friday, January 2, 2009

Adding some color to our all-white lives

Behold, our all-white correll dishes. It was the set we had registered for from the Herberger's bridal register 17 years ago. They have served us well, but they are a bit... boring, don't you think? Now we are ready to add some COLOR in our lives!

Welcome our new colorful Fiestaware dishes!! My parents started us out with several place settings for our anniversary last week. Apparently, they also thought we needed a splash of COLOR in our lives too!
We now have a mixed setting of plates, bowels and mugs. Look at all the lovely color! I think the best part is the wonderful names Fiestaware has for their colors... shamrock, tangerine, scarlet, peacock, cinnabar, cobolt and many, many more!

Another added bonus... I love collecting! It is a genetic thing that I get from my dad (ummm... I'll have to share some of my other collections some time.) Now I have a whole new collection to add pieces to. I found a great ala cart website and already started expanding.
Opening the cupboard and seeing all these fantastic colors just adds a fun spark to any meal. I'm dreaming of sunflower, heather, plum, turquoise & chocolate already! Come over and share a bite to eat with us on our new dishes!!


Lori said...

YAY!!! Fiestaware rocks!! I love mine and have been wanting to add some more. Fantastic!!

the mom~ said...

So now 4 of the 5 of us girlfriends collect Fiestaware...or does Charlene and I just dont know it?!?!? Sweet, I love mine but in all RED :)

Charlene said...

Oh yeah, I started collecting them last summer! I have the dinner plates in all the new colors, but I recently saw a chocolate color. Is that new? I have some bowls, but am looking for new bowls, serving dishes, mugs,...the lists goes on!!!