Sunday, January 25, 2009

Having some "doggone" fun!

Yesterday was all about Bella. She got to have a "spa day" at Rainbow Kennels in the morning. It was the first time we have taken her to get groomed and boy did she need a trim. Plus she needed a pedi/mani as well as those nails were WAY too long. Anyway, we felt bad for her because she was so scared when we left her. And we could hardly recognize her when we came to pick her up. It looked like they put her in the dryer and shrunk her up! She looked so tiny with her fur clipped.
Oh and her fur... it was absolutely as soft as velvet and snowy white. Plus she smelled so wonderful... ummmm! This darn cold weather and her new short hair cut has made bathroom time extremely fast. Not that she was ever one to daudle anyway... but seriously... she is lightning quick!
We took some pictures of our three girls dressed up so we could make a Valentine's day photo. Bella, always the extra tolerant dog, was so patient and relaxed. I am surprised that the girls haven't dressed her up in some doll clothes yet. Notice the little pink clips and bow in her hair? Again, a super tolerant doggie.
Today, I could hear the girls giggling in Kippy's room this afternoon. I didn't know what they were up to until Abby came out and showed me these pictures she had taken of Bella. Kippy had Bella on her doll bed and wanted her to be friends with "Jack".
Then Kippy added "Maya", her samoyd webkinz dog for Bella to be friends with.
Finally, Kippy added all of her stuffed puppies to make a "dog-pile". It makes me laugh to see all of the various "doggies" that Kippy has. As you can tell, she has pretended to have a puppy forever! Oh Bella, you are so loved!


Lori said...

Bella is a lucky girl indeed!!! Every kid needs a dog. They are fabulous.

Heather said...

Oh for cute! Madi would have been thrilled beyond belief! What lucky little girls and what a lucky little puppy!

the mom~ said...

What a lucky little lady she is!