Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer swimming

This summer marks Kippy's second season of swimming on the Fergus Falls Flyers swim team.  She started swimming the first week in June.  Her age group swims 4 days a week M-Th for 45 minutes each day.  With Steve teaching summer school and my work schedule, Kippy has had to ride her bike to the pool.  It is pretty obvious that she loves swimming because she never complains about going nearly every day. 
This photo collage is from the Alexandria swim meet on June 23rd, which was the first time she swam the 100 breast.  She did really well and got 6th in her heat of 8.

The chlorine has really done a number on her suit as it is so very faded, but her joy of the water has not diminished a single bit.  Her favorite stroke is the breast stroke.  She competed in 3 swim meets in June, but won't be able to make any of the swim meets in July because of going to Long Lake Conservation Camp.  That suits Kippy just fine because she doesn't care for the meets AT.ALL!

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